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Extrusion in Perfection

Hose Assemblies for Automotive and Industry

Your profile ideas are implemented by us: From design, to material selection with the appropriate compounds, to the manufacture of the necessary mouthpiece and determination of the appropriate vulcanization process in the salt bath, in the autoclave or by UHF process, we offer you the right solution.

In the automotive sector, as well as in industry, our seals and frames made of silicone, NBR and EPDM meet various standard requirements, temperature fields and media resistance. Whether custom-made or as mass-produced "endless goods" on spools, our products fulfill their precise application.

In hose production, one or two high-strength textile yarns or steel wires can be incorporated (braided) between the core (inner layer) and the cover on our braiding systems, which then act as pressure carriers. Standard products can be implemented in this way, as can customer requirements.

Product Range

  • Profiles made of thermoplastics, elastomers, silicones including corner vulcanization
  • High-pressure hoses made of rubber or thermoplastics (pressure carrier: Texil yarns or steel wire inserts)

Manufacturing Process

  • Profile and hose extrusion with subsequent vulcanization in an electrically or gas-heated liquid salt bath, in an autoclave or by UHF process
  • Braiding lines vertical and horizontal for 1 and 2 layer braids
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